Luck is no excuse

“Luck is no excuse” it sounds familiar with every task we do in our daily life. If we are to label a gambler with a winning streak as ‘lucky’, what should we call a person who needs not to gamble at all? More often than not, the word ‘lucky’ is associated in situations. Those variables are virtually incalculable and the outcome is unpredictable and random. However, we soon realize that if we probe deeper into the problem, there is an underlying framework which dictates the outcome of the event.

For instance, hypothetically if a person who has memorized beforehand the position of each card on deck and gets the information about the number of cards that are replaced in each shuffle can predict the order of card’s deck making him/her undeniably lucky.

Granted, that in the real world there are processes and variables which are literally incalculable, making us devise probabilistic models rather than deterministic. However, that is not the case with Software.  Software is not a natural paradigm. Rather, it is programmed with an appropriate aim in mind which makes Software objectively measurable. Surely there will be a lot of abstractions but, delving deeper into the code will grant us more leverage in solving any software related problem.

Philosh is here to provide software services to clients by unraveling such intricacies. We are more into website design, website hosting, Software development, Software Security testing. Join us and be a part in redefining software services because when it comes down to it, Luck is no excuse.

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